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MyBestBB is a forum software based on PunBB and including many useful mods and themes
chatbox, PMs, attachment, subforums, ratetopic, reputation and much more . . .
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Welcome to the official MyBestBB homepage.
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The latest release is 2.04
Feel free to use the support forum

find the code on github
Les fran├žais peuvent consulter les forums fran├žais de la section "other languages"
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3 7779 2008-12-24 01:59:41 by neofutur
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0 5138 2006-09-03 17:38:30 by neofutur
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Is there a mean to track the project evolution ? by neofutur ( Topic rating: 0 )
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0 3797 2006-05-21 01:18:37 by neofutur
Editing With Mybestbb - Toolbar select by Brekeke ( Topic rating: -1 )
1 10188 2009-10-31 18:15:39 by neofutur

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